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Currency Converter is an easy application for adding currency rates to Atlassian JIRA

Currency Converter adds a new Custom Field type to Atlassian JIRA. The user can choose
which currencies represent these fields, and currency rates can be set manually or updated online using
web services.

Automatic update of figures based on currency rates

The user can fill any currency in issue task view or edit, and can see values in other currencies

Setting currencies

An unlimited number of currencies can be set in the plug-in administration page. The user can select manual entry or from the web service

Freeze rates

You can freeze rates on JIRA issue via workflow post-function

Description of Currency Converter

Currency Converter adds the ability to manage currency rates directly in Atlassian JIRA.

Currency Converter features:

  • Create an unlimited number of currencies in Configuration

  • Manually entered rates

  • Online live rates from User can set how often rates are updated

  • Create custom fields with selected currencies

  • Automatic update of figures based on currency rate

  • Freeze and unfreeze currency with a workflow post-function

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